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Database Analysis and Reporting
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Security, Stability and Compliance
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Security, Stability and Compliance

In keeping with the concept that an organization's data is its most valuable asset, Owl Creek often supports our clients in activities such as developing business continuity plans, performing security assessments, and creating Sarbanes-Oxley compliance programs. Owl Creek's founders maintain membership in ISACA (the Information Systems Audit and Control Association), a professional organization focused on best practices.


Business Continuity Planning:
Owl Creek leverages its business analysis and program development skills for clients who are engaged in business continuity planning (BCP) and IT Disaster Recovery (DR) initiatives. Owl Creek's understanding of the inter-relationships between key staff, IT systems, and inter-dependent business processes has allowed us to guide clients through the process of performing risk assessments and selecting system recovery objectives. Our consultants' familiarity with IT strategies for disaster recovery has enabled our clients to implement robust, cost-effective disaster recovery approaches.


Security Assessments:
Owl Creek's familiarity with application and database vulnerabilities, and experience in "designing out" security weaknesses, has allowed us to offer clients independent assessments of their applications and database systems. In keeping with Owl Creek's solutions-oriented approach, these assessments include a list of identified issues and best-practices solution to address each issue.


Compliance Programs:
Owl Creek brings our solutions-oriented approach to compliance to ensure that extra work is not performed, and that there is organizational value provided by the process. Owl Creek assists its clients in minimizing the burden associated with Sarbanes-Oxley and other compliance programs through a variety of methods:

  1. Performing objective risk assessments to identify highest-exposure areas.
  2. Developing control priorities based upon risk analysis.
  3. Process mapping at the right level of detail to allow effective planning and design of controls.
  4. Audit support, including automated discovery and automated system analysis tools.
  5. Development of controls with supporting Implementation Plans and Change Management Plans.
  6. Automated reporting of logins, system privileges, system access, and system configuration.