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Database Analysis and Reporting
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Database Analysis and Reporting

Owl Creek assists our clients in extracting meaningful, actionable information from their data. Sometimes this is as simple as converting data from one system to another, or in providing well-designed reports from existing databases. However, in many organizations, valuable data is trapped in transactional systems or spreadsheets. These data sources were not designed for reporting or external analysis, and are not easily combined with other data sources.


Owl Creek can unlock the information in this data by creating scheduled extraction processes and centralizing the extracted data into a secure reporting environment (a Data Mart or Data Warehouse). Unlocking this information can bring tremendous insight into the behavior of a business, identifying profit leaks and margin opportunities which were previously hidden.


Prototyping and Preliminary Data Analysis:
Prior to the initiation of a project, Owl Creek's analysts run a suite of tests against a sample of the available data, identifying the underlying elements, and verifying that the data can be used for the project's purpose. This helps in developing the business case for the project, and identifies potential data quality issues early on.


Data Modeling and Data Architecture:
Just as a building needs a solid foundation, a business intelligence project needs a well-defined schema and structure to be built upon. Owl Creek staff have experience with data modeling and architecture in a wide range of industries and functional areas, and help to ensure our clients' success by applying our experience along with industry best practices.


Database Development:
A well-designed database helps ensure that applications are fast and easy to develop. Owl Creek's database experts often team with our client's developers to provide the database expertise for a project. With Owl Creek ensuring that the database is well-designed and properly indexed , the development team can focus on ease of use, security, and responsiveness to the end users' needs. For our clients who do not have their own development teams, Owl Creek also provides turn-key application development services.