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Application Development and Support
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Application Development and Support

Owl Creek is often called upon to develop new applications and enhance existing applications which relate to an organization's data assets. Owl Creek's considerable expertise in this area covers a range of application environments, including Microsoft .Net and Java frameworks. Owl Creek also has extensive experience in legacy application development tools including Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, and Powerbuilder.


Owl Creek's proprietary software development methodology, modeled closely on Agile principles, emphasizes these fundamentals:

  1. Comprehensive understanding of the information which flows through the application and the way in which users will interact with the application.
  2. Cost-effective and quick prototyping, so that users of the application can see and feel how the application will perform before the design is finalized.
  3. Using the simplest design which will meet the projects' needs and adhere to best practices for usability.
  4. Accurately measuring the cost and time of requested features.
  5. Creating complete and easy-to-follow documentation for users and application maintenance staff.
  6. Designing security as an integral part of the application.
  7. Using testing which cost-effectively minimizes the chances of critical bugs or defects making their way into the final application.
  8. Flexibly interfacing with our clients' change control and audit programs.