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Business Continuity Planning

Owl Creek's client is a national wholesaler, with a very high sales transaction volume. Although covered by a company-wide disaster recovery plan addressing core IT systems, the wholesaler's individual business units did not have plans addressing non-IT business processes.


Owl Creek's scope of work was to perform business continuity planning for a pricing group which relied on a mix of enterprise and department information systems. Although the group included a relatively small number of people and processes, their pricing decisions were time-sensitive, were relied upon by a number of other business units, and would need to continue with minimal down-time in the event of a business interruption.


Owl Creek conducted an initial risk assessment, and based on the findings, prepared a targeted Business Impact Assessment (BIA) document consistent with best practices recommendations from the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRII).


A second phase of the project involves Owl Creek's preparation of a business continuity plan (BCP) to identify specific trigger events and actions to take in the event of a business interruption. The BCP includes maintenance and testing requirements, so that as business processes change, the plan can be updated and validated.