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Database Analyst
Project Coordinator
SQL Server Developer (Contract)
.Net Developer (Contract)

Database Analyst

Summary of This Job
The Database Analyst position at Owl Creek covers a wide range of activities. It includes activities which are typically considered Business Analysis, as well as Data Analysis, Database Development, Testing, and Documentation.


The Database Analyst is a generalist - you may be relatively young in your career, and still mastering skills and choosing areas to specialize in; or you may have broad experience, and prefer to work in a position with a lot of variety in the skills that are needed day-to-day.


The Database Analyst at Owl Creek may work on 1-person projects, on small development teams, or as a specialist in a larger project team. Minimal skills for this position include:


Job Details
Database Analysts at Owl Creek usually spend their time on these kinds of things:


Application Development:

  1. Meeting with clients to understand their problems or opportunities and to determine their requirements.
  2. Working with senior Owl Creek staff to create a conceptual design, i.e. an approach to build what the client needs.
  3. Taking the conceptual design and adding details to allow the client to understand how the software will look and feel. This can take many forms, from a simple mockup of a report, to a functional web page which the client can interact with.
  4. Adding project management details to the proposed solution, such as hours estimates, schedule, and testing and implementation details.
  5. Coding and testing, with periodic code reviews and progress meetings with senior Owl Creek staff. The coding languages and environments will differ depending on the client. Some technologies that Owl Creek's Database Analysts currently work in:
    • Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and mySQL databases
    • .NET, Java, and MS Access front-end
    • Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services report tools
    • ETL tools such as DTS, SSIS, sqlloader, and DataStage
  6. Conducting User Acceptance Testing with future end-users.
  7. Migrating the new code into a production environment (depending on the client and the type of project, this will require various change control and certification steps).
  8. After a successful migration, you will support the code you've written during the warranty period, with an eventual handover to dedicated support staff.


Data Analysis and Reporting:
Owl Creek's Database Analysts are often called upon to perform data analysis and interpretation, either as part of a project, or as a standalone effort. This can include:


Other Projects:
Database Analysts at Owl Creek sometimes get a chance to work on other projects, including:

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation and configuration.
  2. Analytics projects, including DataMarts and Data Warehouses.
  3. Monitoring applications and jobs which are in production and responding to errors or alerts.


Necessary Qualifications


These are the minimal skills and background for this position:

  1. A bachelor's degree.
  2. Good-to-Expert knowledge of SQL, including data modeling and query-writing.
  3. Good communication skills, both written and verbal.
  4. Analysis and critical thinking skills.
  5. Understanding of basic Business Analysis concepts.
  6. Beginner-level knowledge of a front-end programming environment.
  7. Good knowledge of a common scripting environment.


Nice-to-Have Qualifications


Although not required, these skills and experience would be an asset to Owl Creek.

  1. Experience in the Consumer Packaged Goods, Pharmaceutical, Distribution, or Supply Chain areas.
  2. Advanced experience in any of the technologies noted above.
  3. Web development experience (ASP classic, ASP.Net, PHP, JSP)


Hiring Process


Owl Creek has several steps that you need to go through in order to be hired, as required by our clients and by our policies.

  1. Aptitude test - Owl Creek has all employees go through a testing process to quantify your abilities in certain areas. These tests will usually include Critical Thinking, SQL, and technology-specific tests (based on the technologies you have experience in).
  2. Criminal background check.
  3. You must be legally able to work in the United States.

Compensation and Benefits


Owl Creek's package includes the usual consulting package (salary, bonus, a 10% PTO policy, and a flexible medical plan). In addition, Owl Creek offers access to interesting projects, and the chance to build your skills and gain exposure to new technologies.


How to Take the Next Step


Email a cover letter and résumé to .


Please be sure that your cover letter references the position you are applying for, and that you tell us why you feel that you would be a good fit with Owl Creek.


Thanks for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you.


Company Description


Owl Creek is a small database consulting firm with medium-to-large sized corporate clients. The culture is professional but informal. People who work at Owl Creek tend to be very motivated to create great software: "great" in this case can be defined as easy to use, reliable, and making complex business tasks much simpler and quicker to perform.


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