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Who We Are

Welcome to Owl Creek Consulting, a professional services firm that delivers database and analytical solutions. Since the late 1990s, our founders have built an industry reputation based on dozens of successful consulting engagements.


Founded in 2005, Owl Creek is based on the concept of providing timely, high-quality consulting services. If you have a business challenge around data accuracy, timeliness, and availability, Owl Creek can help.

What We Do

Owl Creek is renowned for taking complicated, unpredictable business processes and turning them into smooth-running activities based on well-designed database systems.


Our smaller projects have included data conversion work to allow our clients to migrate from one application to another. Our larger projects include automated billing systems, data warehouse development, and creation of reporting portals.

Why Work With Us

Owl Creek is dedicated and solutions-oriented. Rather than push a standard solution, we strive to understand our clients' data, systems, and people first, then design a solution that fits. When you hire Owl Creek, you are hiring experienced, intelligent experts who want to help you succeed.


Latest News

Owl Creek now has a Sacramento area presence. Our new office in downtown Davis is conveniently close to government agencies in Sacramento, and only a few blocks from the UC Davis campus. If you are in the area, stop by to say hello.


From Our Projects

How do you take a complex, time-sensitive manual accounting process and automate it with minimal risk? Owl Creek is helping to answer that question as we build a Price Protection Billing System for our client, using SQL Server 2005.


Owl Creek Wisdom

Database Technology Trends
"...RDBMS technology is 30 years old ...Despite this, or perhaps because of it, RDBMS of today are a curious mix of mature and immature features..."
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